The wine bar is situated in the medieval centre of Penna San Giovanni and the peculiarity is the cave made out of rocks where casks were kept in special recesses. In the past, in fact, it was a wine cellar where customers used to drink wine with bread and something to eat with, brought from home. The owner, named “lu Coccià”, produced a fine “vino cotto” and in the room there was a “callara” to boil the wine in. Then the wine was poured into a barrel, located in the cave. You can still see the mounth in which the wine was poured trough. Therefore we would like to offer the same type of bar, where you can taste good local wine, cheese and cured meat coming from our region... but if you want to bring your own with you, we will be glad to offer our wine and our hospitality.

The location is perfect to taste an accurate selection of excellent wines, organic and not, among the most representative labels of the region, to sample cheese and cured meat produced by local farmers, who work in a traditional way and with passion.

La Grotta is open only in August.